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Electro theme is a ‘ready to use’ theme and no coding required for any module. electro does not use hardcode html modules and the modular system is made easy to use with few clicks. electro offers free updates for lifetime and is easy to install. Demo import features allows you to import any pre-made demo to your website with one click.

electro Demos

10 Ready Made Demos

  • Load speed is one of electro powerful features,
  • using revolutionary performance technologies:
  • Lazyload images
  • Webp Image compressor
  • Combined Modular System
  • electro can easily hit hight page score on GTMETRIX and Google Lighthouse
  • Facebook Open Graph meta
  • Twitter Card Meta
  • Google Plus Meta
  • No Track, No JS Share icons
  • electro can easily hit high Seo Score on Google Lighthouse
  • electro theme has build in Progressive Application
  • Install App on mobile, tablets and Desktops giving your customers an App experience that does not need App stores to install.
  • PWA is an application that can be installed directly from website.
  • TOP Modules
    8 Headers
    electro Social Login
    electro Live Search
    Header Icons Menu
    electro Fast login
    electro Newsletter
    Header Top Module
    Header Top Module
    electro Recent Sale Notifications Popup
    Categories Mega Menu
  • Layout Modules
    electro Banner
    electro Big Banners
    electro Footer Products
    electro Info Blocks
    electro Menu
    electro Product Slider
    electro Product Tabs
    electro Products Carousel
    electro Sidebar Products
    electro Secondary Menu
    electro Slideshow
    electro Specials
    electro Super Slideshow
    electro Top Categories
    electro Top Menu
    electro Newsletter
    electro Fast login
    electro Product Tabs
  • More About
    10 Ready made Demos
    1 click demo import on theme panel
    Respects Opencart Layout architecture
    Does not replace files.
    OCMOD easy install
    100% Responsive